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Body Electronics

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Automotive Electronics Mastery

Elevate Edge specializes in automotive electronics, enhancing comfort, convenience, and safety

Module Mastery

Our expertise covers body control modules, infotainment systems.


We focus on providing semiconductor components tailored for Automotive Body Electronics, including LCD, TFT, BCM, connector and lighting solutions.


With a commitment to excellence, we offer advanced and cost-effective products to meet evolving industry needs. Elevate Edge: Driving confidence through innovation.


SafetyDriving Safety Partnerships

At Elevate Edge, we prioritize safety in the automotive market. That’s why we’ve forged partnerships with industry-leading experts to deliver a comprehensive suite of safety system solutions. These collaborations enable us to offer top-tier technologies and systems dedicated to enhancing safety on the road for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

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From cutting-edge collision avoidance systems to state-of-the-art passive safety features, Elevate Edge is your go-to destination for the latest in automotive safety innovation. We’re committed to supporting OEMs and tier 1 suppliers in finding the right partners to ensure the highest level of safety in vehicles. Trust Elevate Edge to guide you towards the most effective safety solutions in the automotive industry.

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EV Charging Infrastructure

Looking to establish EV charging solutions? Elevate Edge is your gateway to the perfect partners in EV charging infrastructure.

Providing power for electric cars to recharge their batteries.

Efficient EV Charging

Through our collaborations with leading EV charging solutions providers, we offer a seamless pathway to implementing efficient and reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles.

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Charging Infrastructure Collaborations

Whether you're an individual, a business, or a municipality, our partnerships ensure access to cutting-edge technology and expertise in EV charging infrastructure.

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Electric Mobility Partnerships

Elevate Edge is committed to facilitating the transition to electric mobility by connecting you with the right partners for your charging needs.

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Sustainable Charging Network

Explore our network of EV charging solutions providers and embark on the journey towards a sustainable future with Elevate Edge by your side.

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Elevate Edge is your bridge to the perfect Automotive connectivity partners. Our expertise lies in connecting you with the ideal collaborators who specialize in advanced connectivity solutions for the automotive industry. Whether you’re seeking partners for remote diagnostics, over-the-air updates, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, or other connected vehicle features, Elevate Edge ensures that you find the right fit for your needs. 

Trust Elevate Edge to facilitate seamless connections and drive your automotive connectivity initiatives forward.

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